He Effect of Health Counseling on HIV/AIDS on the Knowledge Level of Students at SMA Negeri 1 Selupu Rejang in 2013

Derison Marsinova Bakara • Farida Esmianti • Chyntamie Wulandari
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • July 2014 Indonesia


Background: The percentage of HIV infections in the age group 20–24 years (14%) and the highest percentage of cumulative AIDS cases in the age group 20–29 years (30.7%), then in the age group 15–19 years (3.3%). The incidence in school children or students as much as 1086 people and HIV / AIDS among adolescents aged 15–29 years . The prevalence of AIDS cases per 100,000 population by province, Bengkulu province was ranked 19th out of 33 provinces in Indonesia, where there is a prevalence of 9.33 cases of AIDS. These data indicate that young age, 15–29 years old are the most vulnerable population and need to be targeted in HIV / AIDS in Indonesia . Methods:This study is a Pre experiments with One Group Pretest Posttest Design. The sample of this study uses total sampling, all students of class XI SMA Negeri 1 Selupu Rejang as much as 167 people. Collecting data from primary data obtained directly by administering the object, through a questionnaire. To test the results of studies using non-parametric statistical Wilcoxon test with a level of α 0.05. Results:Showed differences in the mean value of the students knowledge about HIV/AIDS before and after the health education with a p value of 0.000. This means that health education on HIV/AIDS affect knowledge of students. Conclusion: health education about HIV/AIDS may increase adolescent knowledge about HIV/AIDS.




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