Pulmonary Tuberculosis Among Primary Health Center Workers in 6 Districts in Indonesia

Lusianawaty Tana • Lannywati Ghani
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • July 2014 Indonesia


Background: Health care is one of the workplaces with a higher risk of TB than the general population. This study aims to analyze pulmonary TB on PHC workers in six districts/cities in Indonesia.Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted, involving 509 workers, in 50 health centers (PHC referral microscopic and PHC self- executing) of 6 districts/cities of 3 provinces. Data pulmonary tuberculosis in the last 12 months based on diagnose by health professionals was collected. Sputum specimen examination conducted in the laboratory Primary Health Center and confirmed with two referent laboratories. Results: Two of the 509 respondents (0.39%) had been diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis by health workers since 12 months ago and one of them is still in the treatment of tuberculosis. All respondents have no active pulmonary tuberculosis (smear negative results). The relationship of the disease and work can not be ruled out. Conclusion: Workers PHC potentially infected by pulmonary tuberculosis. Increased knowledge about TB transmission and prevention needs to be given to the health center workers.




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