Pelaksanaan Program Jaminan Kesehatan Masyarakat Di Kalimantan Selatan (Public Health Insurance Program Implementation in South Kalimantan)

Nana Noviana • Sri Setyati • Said Said
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • January 2015 Indonesia


Background: The phenomenon of increase in poverty in South Kalimantan becomes a concern in an effort to reduce morbidity in poor communities. Efforts to reduce morbidity in poor communities to ensure the health needs of the poor/Underprivileged then held a health insurance program. A health insurance program is expected to lower the maternal mortality rate, infant and under five mortality rate as well as the birth rate besides the underserved of health for the poor in general. This study aims to analyze the implementation of health insurance program that can provide information and consideration in making policy in an effort to improve health care for the poor/underprivileged in South Kalimantan. Methods: This study presented a qualitative approach with descriptive exploratory that focuses the location in 5 cities in the province of South Kalimantan. The cities were chosen by geographical area category, HDI and poverty. The study was carried out in 6 months. The study instrument was questionnaire, in-depth interviews were conducted to the various informants who are competent. The field data were taken by direct observation as well as document review. Result: The results showed that the health insurance program in South Kalimantan is not optimimum in its implementation so that still needs to be evaluated. So that it could ensure the fulfillness of health needs of the poor and reduce the morbidity and mortality in poor communities. Conclusion: The implementation of health insurance program in South Kalimantan has been following the guidelines. However, it is still not optimum in case of the membership, quality of services, facilities and infrastructure, even the reporting system and organizing the health insurance program. Recommendation: Required human resources better in the implementation of such program conducted training for program managers as well as the need for SK to Tim so clear in their duties. Need more actively monitoring program for the implementation of the program can be run in line with expectations.




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