The Behaviour of Society in the Management of Environmental Sanitation at Coffee Plantation Residence in Jember Regency

Khoiron Khoiron • Dewi Rokhmah
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • April 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


Backgroud: Jember government had conducted several programs to improve sanitation service in Jember area. One of them was Silo District, it was quite big of coffee plantation area. One of Silo district sanitation access, especially, healthy toilet was low (45,3%). One of the coffee plantation village in Silo district was Sidomulyo village. Methods: This research was quantitative and qualitative research by using Participation Rural Apraisal (PRA) method. The data was collected by interview, observation, and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). The research was aimed to identify role and the potential of environment sanitation people in the coffee plantation of Sidomulyo Village, Silo District, Jember regency. Results:The research results showed respondent's sanitation knowledge are low 36%, intermediate 46%. The respondent's attitude are bad 14%, and intermediate are 72%. The respondent's behaviour; intermediate 55% and bad 31%. Mostly, respondents used spring as source of MCK are 79%, drinking water 58%. Most of the respondent did not have well as many as 85%. 67% did not have toilet and 60% did not have bathroom. 50% of the respondents did not have toilet, they used river and coffee garden as toilet. The bad house condition was 62%. According to FGD result, the people had motivation to increase management of environment sanitation. Some of people did arisan activity, karang taruna and gentlemens' religiuos meeting as used media to increase peoples' awareness in the management of environment sanitation in coffee plantation area. Conclusions: The research results showed that a large of respondents had knowledge, attitude, and behaviour about environment sanitation was intermediate. There was still respondents that had poor behaviour in environment sanitation. It was showed by most of the respondent did not have well, toilet and bathroom in their house. A half of respondent which did not have toilet, used river and coffee garden as toilet. Recommendation: The using of social institution to increas the sanitation behaviour of the society.




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