Practice of Exclusive Breast Feeding Program in 2013 at Puskesmas of Probolinggo City (a Case Study in Kedopok and Sukabumi of Health Center Services)

Astridya Paramita • Nur Asyah • Dewi Lestari • Ira Ummu Aimanah
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • July 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Background: Scientifi c research proves that babies tend to grow more healthy and intelligent with a given exclusive breastfeeding in the fi rst 6 months of life. The coverage of exclusive breastfeeding infants 0–5 months was fl uctuating. This study aimed to review the implementation of exclusive breastfeeding promotion program in Primary Health Care (PHC) of Probolinggo City. Methods: Qualitative methods with purposive techniques informant selection was applied in this case study. The study was conducted at the Sukabumi and Kedopok PHC of Probolinggo City in 2013. Results: The results showed the weak management functions of programme in PHC and the less attention of Probolinggo Government related to the limited number of health worker n cost of health promotion activities . The success of exclusive breastfeeding Health Promotion Program is not only determined by the input component , but also creativity and active efforts of health promotion strategies as practiced in Sukabumi PHC. Recommendations: Optimization of monitoring and evaluation program exclusive breastfeeding in PHC from the Municipality/District Government, and his staff; strengthening the input component; and the implementation of advocacy, ”bina suasana”, empowerment and partnerships activities.




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