The Effect of Environmental Health Indicators Against Dengue Under 5 Years Old Cases Based on Sub District of Batam City in 2009

Revi Rosavika Kinansi • Ika Martiningsih
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • July 2015


Background: controlling of dengue haemorrhagic was still a complicated problems, because it has not found a cure. The best way to prevent dengue fever was to control mosquito larvae Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). The existence of Aedes aegypti larvae in an area is an indicator of the presence of populations of Ae. aegypti in that area. In an effort to determine the interventions on the incidence of dengue in the city of Batam through mosquito larvae control, need to know how much infl uencethe larvae of Ae. aegypti free house to dengue cases. The purpose of this discussion is to know what variables affect the dengue cases in the city of Batam. Methods: analysis of data using linear regression analysis. Signifi cance values provide information on the variables that signifi cantly affect the number of dengue cases in the city of Batam, so the government can seek for each house is required to be free of larvae. Results: results of the analysis provides information that the value of a statistical p-valueindicates the number 0,017 on variables healthy home. Conclution: there is a signifi cant infl uence between the variables of a healthy home for the presence of dengue cases in the city of Batam. Recomendation: This suggests that a healthy home include sanitation, adequate ventilation, good lighting, good management of water access and other problems causing the lack of space used as breeding places of Ae. aegypti. Many factors affect the presence of dengue among others to note is altitude,ecology and bionomik, eggs, larvae and pupae, adult mosquitoes, the habit of perching, fl ying range, as well as the life span of transovarial transmission.




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