Empowering Sekaa Teruni on Assisting Pregnant Mothers for Giving Exclusive Breastfeeding in Klungkung, Bali, 2014

Ida Ayu Eka Padmiari • Pande Putu Sri Sugiani • Ni Made Yuni Gumala • Oktarina Oktarina
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • July 2015 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Background: Bali Province in general and Klungkung regency in particular, there was a community organization that can support the increased coverage of exclusive breastfeeding by utilizing the teenagers in the region. Youth organizations exist in each village/ Banjar is called sekaa teruna teruni (STT). The purpose of this research is to improve the knowledge of pregnant mothers about breastfeeding through the empowerment of sekaa teruni in health center Klungkung I, Klungkung,Bali. Methods: The research was conducted with one group pre-test-post-test design. The samples are only girls / sekaa teruni, as many as 30 people. Results: The majority of Sekaa teruni that has been trained (83.3%) have less knowledge about breastfeeding, while Sekaa teruni that has considerable knowledge is 16.7% and none of the respondents (0%) who have a good knowledge about breastfeeding. Having analyzed Paired t-test values obtained P > 0.05 means no meaningful or no difference in the level of knowledge before and after the sekaa teruni given training on breastfeeding. While sekaa teruni after being trained on breastfeeding, there is only one respondent (3.3%) who has good attitude categories, respondents are largely having moderate attitude (76.7%). The results of statistical tests Paired t-test before and after training P<0.05 means that there was a difference attitudes towards breastfeeding. Conclusion: The impact of Seka teruni empowerment was the achievement of pregnant women in giving exclusive breastfeeding to their babies that is increasing to 88.3% which is above the national target of 80.0%.




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