Herbal Therapy Assessment Study in Holistic at Jamu Registry

Lucie Widowati • Siswanto Siswanto
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • 2015


Background: The Study of Jamu Registry has been done, which is an observational longitudinal study to record the treatment of herbal medicine by physician practices. Respondents are a network of physicians who practice herbal medicine as complementary services. Methods: As researchers did not introduce any interventions, the study is basically observational study. Result: From patient's jamu medical data records, wich is delivered to Registry Center, there were 1452 patients visited, divided into 908 initial visits and 544 follow-up visits. The most USAge of the modalities was jamu (63.5%), followed by combination of jamu and conventional drug (22.26%) and jamu combined body-based therapy (5.2%). Assessment holistic therapy can be enhanced by the patient's symptoms (anamnesis) and scores of Quality of Life (QoL) on the second visit (372 patients). There were a decrease of all the symptoms, the most decrease was common symptom (30%), respiratory tract (21.3%), musculoskeletal (15.5%), neurological (11.4%), gastrointestinal (10.2%), cardio vascular (1.5%) and urinary tract symptoms (3.8%). Based on the modalities given to the patient, who stands out is that the administration of jamu, lowering the general, musculoskeletal and neurological symptom. The combination of herbal medicine and conventional drug lowers the common and neurological symptom. Improvement of Quality of life patients can described as Qol “improved” category rising 20.1%, Qol “settled” category decreased 20.0% and “worsten” category decreased 1%. Conclusion: Based on type of modality used, there was increasing the value of improved QoL categories, respectively: the combination of herbal and conventional drugs, a combination of herbs and body based therapy, and combination jamu, body based therapy and conventional drugs. Recommendation: improvement of holistic therapy in the registry jamu can be used as a baseline formula of jamu, which can be developed for clinical observational studies or clinical trials.




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