Calculation of Nursing Staff Using Full TIME Equivalent in Adi Husada Undaan Wetan Hospital Surabaya

Rimbara Susilo • Tito Yustiawan
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • 2015


Background: Full Time Equivalent (FTE) is one among many methods used to calculate number of hospital nursing staff needs. FTE expressed as a method that can improve the quality of health services, community satisfaction and personnel (nurses). This prompted Adi Husada Undaan Wetan (RSAH UW) Hospital whichusing Indonesian Ministry of Health (MOH) 2005, considering FTE to determine the number of nurses in the inpatient unit. On the use of FTE, RSAH UW Hospital meetsseveral obstacles, and objectives of this research is to reveal the obstacles on the FTE method and determine the compatible method for RSAH UW Hospital. Methods: The method used in this research is calculate the number of nurses using FTE method, then do a comparison with number of nurses that were determined by MOH 2005 method. Result: The outcome showed that FTE method's resultis less than MOH 2005 method, this occurs because lack of data on the average hours of care and the projected number of days for patients in inpatient unit. FTE method also doesn't consider the skills and work experience of each nurse. Conclusion: Even though the FTE method can improve the quality of service, community satisfaction and nurses, but there are obstacles in the implementation of the calculation, so it can be concluded FTE method is not always an option. Recommendation: The method that hospital used must be adapted to the conditions and needs of the hospital.




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