The Infl Uence of Empowering TB (Tuberculosis) Patients' Family on Capability of Implementing the Family Health Task in Martapura and Astambul Public Health Center Areas in Banjar District

Marwansyah Marwansyah • Hidayad Heny Sholikhah
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • 2015 Indonesia


Background: Pulmonary tuberculosis healing takes a long time. These were any problems that often occurs in the care and treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in Indonesia. Family members should be empowered to be able to carry out the duties of health, to avoid mistakes in patient care at home. Methods: This study aims to analyze the infl uence of family empowerment Pulmonary TB sufferers of the ability of the family in carrying out the tasks of family health. The study design was Quasy-experiment research Nonequivalent control group design. Each group of interventing and control consist of 16 people. The family empowerment activities were conducted 3 times a week for visits at interval of one day. Data were analyzed by Wilcoxon Singed Ranks Test and Mann-Whitney Test. Results: Intervention results showed that the ability to carry out family health tasks which includes most of the known health problems (87.5%) category of good, take the right decisions most of the action (62.5%) categories of good, giving care to sick family (100%) categories of good, maintaining physical environments that support health home (100%) categories of good, using the majority of health facilities (93.8%) categories of good. Statistical test results obtained family empowerment pulmonary TB patients can improve the ability of family task of family health (p=0.001). Conclusion: Family empowerment affect the family ability to carry out family health tasks to prevent, to care and to cure pulmonary tuberculosis, which includes the known health problems, take the right decisions, giving care to sick family, maintaining physical environments that support health home, using the majority of health facilities. Recommendation: Health workers are expected to increase health education, especially for newly diagnosed patients with positive pulmonary TB.




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