Pengembangan Metode Skreening Usg di Puskesmas Poned Kabupaten Jombang Provinsi Jawa Timur (Studi Kasus Hta)

Mugeni Sugiharto • Oktarina Oktarina
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • October 2011 Indonesia


Background: Healthcare services for pregnant women through ultrasonography screening are very important to do, so that it can be early detected normal and abnormal pregnancy without endangering safety of mother and the baby. Validity and accuracy of ultrasonography screening results can be pointed in Government Jombang District obtaining the policy to fulfill six public health centers with PONED that have ultrasonography facility. The aims this research was to developed a screening method using ultrasonography devices at health centers with Basic Emergency Neonatal Obstetric Services Jombang District. Methods: Type of descriptive research with retrospective design, data was taken from secondary data three years past whereas samples were total sample of public health centers with PONED that have ultrasonography facility. Results: The utilization of ultrasonography as a screening method was not yet maximized (underutility), due to limitation of the obstetrician that has been worked. According to the primary data can be obtained that there are only two people of six public health centers. All ultrasonography were still functioned properly and appropriate to the security aspects of HTA function, therefore ultrasonography was still safe and accurate to use and increasing accountability and be able to enhance the patient's visit of pregnant women. Conclusion: According to the HTA policy, hence the utilization of ultrasonography at Public Health Centers with Basic Emergency Neonatal Obstetric Services (PONED) Jombang District was appropriate, because it has been be able to provide the benefits to communities. However ultrasonography specialists and support were still lack. Suggestions: Utilization of ultrasonography to early detection for pregnancy and completely through availability of competent experts using ultrasonography.




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