Profil Kematian Neonatal Berdasarkan Sosio Demografi dan Kondisi Ibu Saat Hamil di Indonesia

Raharni Raharni • Bryan Mario Isakh • Ida Diana
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • October 2011 Indonesia


Background: Neonatal mortality is the death of an infant who is born alive within 7 days after birth (early neonatal mortality/perinatal), and the death of a baby born alive more than 7 days until approximately 29 days (advanced neonatal mortality). Neonatal deaths (infants aged 28 days) is two thirds of infant mortality, whereas early neonatal mortality/perinatal (infant age of 7) days is two thirds of neonatal deaths. The purpose of this study was to determine neonatal mortality profiles based on socio demografic and the mother condition during pregnancy, and the data based on Riskesdas 2010. Methods: This study used cross sectional design, using data Riskesdas 2010. Result: From the analysis obtained the following results, 144 out of 163 neonatal deaths (88,6%) were the early neonatal deaths (7 days of birth), the remain at 11.45% were advanced neonatal mortality. Most of neonatal deaths occur in fertil maternal age at delivery was mature enough that age group 18-34 years, but mostly with low and medium level of education that is 53% and 43% respectively. Mostly neonatal deaths occur when 2 continous birth delivery happens less than 12 months, total number is 100 (61 3%). Percentage of neonatal mortality is equal between working mothers and non working mothers. From the baby's weight with weight < 2500 grams and > 2500 grams, the percentage is nearly equal at 27-29%. Conclusion: The body weight most neonatal deaths were unknown was no significant difference between early neonatal and late neonatal. There demographic information according to both maternal, infant characteristics, or economic status. It is expected the results of this reseach can be used as reference related neonatal mortality profile and as an input in policy to improve the mother health during maternity and birth delivery and also to reduce the risk of neonatal death.




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