Kecenderungan Transisi Demografi dan Epidemiologi suatu Fenomena Penting terhadap Masalah Gizi dan Kesehatan pada Pra-lansia dan Lansia

Sukanto Soemodinoto • Agus Suwandono
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • March 1997 Indonesia


The positive impacts of the First Long Term Development 1968-1993) have resulted improvement of health status, socio economic condition and demographic changes. Although infections diseases are still prevalent, epidemiologic transition is occuring as shown by the increase of death caused by cardiovascular diseases, cancer, degenerative and other chronic diseases. The projection of population composition has shown that by the year of 2020, the population pyramide of Indonesia will be as the pattern of developed countnes. Apart from the increase numbers of senior citizen, health problems in this population group will occur due to socio-economic and environmental changes. Considermg such condition, in the attempts to have better health status among meelderly and elderly groups, a nutrition policy should be made as an integral part of health development programs. The policy should be formulated as integral programs of human resources development. The emphasis must be concentrated on the balanceor healthy diet and the variation of food stuffs. In addition, the approach toward positif and proactive health development should be actively promoted.




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