Rekayasa Penyuluhan Kesehatan untuk Meningkatkan Kepedulian Kehamilan melalui Organisasi Sosial Wanita Setempat

Sugeng Rahanto • Paiman Suparmanto • Suharmiati Suharmiati
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • March 1997


The purpose of this study is to determine performance effectivity of the local woman social organization (PKK and Fatayat NU) in order to increase the health care of pregnant woman. The first step of this study is to create the community health education guidance, consist of two manual books that are Technical of pregnant health education instruction, and other one is the manual of hedlth education Matenal. Both of the manuals invented based on local cultural style and to have the disposal of Madura's language. The study area consist of three districts in Madura Bangkalan Regency (PKK 's area, Fatayat 's area, and Control 's area) with high infant mortality rate, high maternal mortality rate, and low rate deliveries assisted by profesional health worker. The respondents that is pregnant womans. The study showed that health education is an intervention to increase respondent's knowledge and attitude for effort of health care pregnancy. The knowledge and attitude increase as specially on pregnant indication, mother breast care, personal hygiene for pregnant woman specially, pregnant health care control at Health Centre, pregnant immumzation, delivery by profesional health workers, ante natal care, and family planning method for ante natal. Based on provider as educator this study showed after health education intervention, the effectiveness PKK 's community area is better than Fatayat's area.




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