Fungsi Kepala Ruang Rawat Inap sebagai Perawat Pengelola di 8 Rumah Sakit Provinsi Kawasan Timur Indonesia

Evie Sopacua • S. K. Poerwani • Widjiartini Widjiartini • Susanti Susanti • Siti Guntarlin
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • March 1997 Indonesia


The purpose of this study are to identify: 1. Each of managerial function of a nurse principal in planning, organizing, actuating, controlling, supervising and evaluating of nursing care; 2. Selection process, nursing management training, job discription, nursing standard of inpatient wards, roles of the hospital directors and hospital organization structure in nursing care. Structural and indepth interviews have been done to 88 nurse principals and 8 hospital directors in 8 province hospitals (Dili, Kupang, Mataram, Ujungpandang, Palu, Kendari, Jayapura and Ambon). Indepth interviews have also been caried out to 8 head of nursing department in those 8 hospitals. Documents and reports searching have also been done. Descriptive analysis showed that most of nurse principals have not performed their managerial functions. Selection process has not yet been done objectively and only one nurse principal has already met the nursing management training program requirement. The directors of hospitals have performed their roles in motivating the nurse principals in their management roles. However, the hospital organization structure has not yet linked with the job discription for nurse managers. Nursing standards and job discriplion m the hospitals have also not yet been operationally described Based on the results of this study, nursing task force must be created appropriately in line with the hospital organization structure and the selection procedure of nurse principals in order to improve their performances in nursing management.




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