Financing Model (Sistem Reward) Sebagai Upaya Peningkatan Pemanfaatan Tenaga Bidan Dalam Pemeriksaan Kehamilan Dan Pertolongan Persalinan (Tahap I : Penyusunan Model)

Sarwanto Sarwanto • Cholis Bachroen • Soemartono Soemartono • Wasis Budiarto • Agus Suwandono
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • December 1998 Indonesia


Indonesia Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in ASEAN is still taking place the highest order, that is 384 per 100.000 live birth (SKRT 1995) and until now the decreasing effort is not yet succeed as like as expected. The one strategy to overcome this problem is developing fmancing model for midwife's antenatal and prenatal care by solidarity principal among the community members as like as health fund. The objective of the study was to improve midwife's role utiliza­ tion on antenatal and prenatal care by developing financing model, especially to: 1. Develop the financing model for antenatal and prenatal care by utilizing Rural Midwives (Bidan di Desa), 2. Formulate mana­ gement procedure of financing model including its distribution, 3. In­ ventory the stimulus and obstacle factors influencing on formulation and management of model . The method of this study on developing the model was conducted by: a. Collecting information on the on going health fund in East Java, Central Java, and South Sulawesi Provinces, b. Focus group discussion with the district program managers and related sectors (Local Government, National Family Planning Coordinating Board, Health District, Hospital, Indonesian Midwife Union), literature study, consultation, and inventory of secondary data, c. Discussion on the beginning step of the model and socialization to community intervention area (Lumajang and Situbondo), and d. Discussion on the last step of the model related to the model implemented in the intervention area.




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