Pengetahuan Tentang AIDS dan Perilaku Beresiko Penularannya pada Petugas di Puskesmas Dekat Lokalisasi Prostitusi

Agus Suprapto • Cholis Bachroen • Sulistiyawati Sulistiyawati
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • February 1998


Objectives. The objectives of this study are: 1) investigating the basic knowledge of aids among health centre workers near prostitute areas. 2) investigating the heaith workers risk activities for tranmission diseases. Methods. Information was collected through questionaires answered by health centre workers observed by researcher. The instrument for data collecting was developed based on "Buku Petunjuk Bagi Pctugas Kesehatan Tentang AIDS" printed and distributed by MOH, and pretested. Observation the USAge of disposable syringe, handgloves and preparing of minor surgery was conducted at the dental clinics, general clinics & MCH clinics. Results. Medical doctor, dentist and paramedic showed a good score in caution, tranmission and high risk group of aids, on the other hand the score was low for case management, detecting symptoms and establishing diagnosis of HIV+. This study also indicated the disagreement on the USAge of disposable syringe for medical doctor 10%, dentist (I0%) paramedic (40%). The observation also showed that during the activities of services the health workers: 20% reuse of disposable syringe, 96,0% never bent down needle after USAge, 17,3% never put desinfection throughout surgery area, 41,3% never washed hands before or after minor surgery, 60% never use handgloves during minor surgery.




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