Opini Tentang Kesehatan Reproduksi pada Siswa Slta di Kota Madya Malang

Sukanto Sumodinoto
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • February 1998


From some clinic data there is an indication that adolescence are active sexually, the amoum of it are increasing. Such a situatlon will influence the reproductive health status of adolescence and their future as well. To protect them from such hazards education for reproductive health is needed. The objective of the study is to understand opinion of adolescence about aspects of reproductive health and factors that associated with it. Data were collected from high school students in Malang. Opinion was measured by Likert scale. Logistic regression was applied to identify variables which are associated with opinion on elements of reproductive health. Eleven reproductive items were used to assess opinion on reproductive health. in additon five items were used to know students opinion on by whom and how reproductive information should be provided.This study concludes that right opinion on reproductive health among adolescence in Malang seems to be low. Parents and teachers should be involved in providing reproductive information. As for parents information on good parenting should be given to improve the quality of family relationship. So that effect of their information will increase.




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