Profil Kemitraan Ibi, Idi dengan Dinas Kesehatan dan Sektor Lain di Kabupaten Magetan dan Bojonegoro Tahun 2002

Sarwanto Sarwanto • Setia Pranata
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • December 2003 Indonesia


The Vision of Healthy Indonesia Year 2010, is to achieve profile of future Indonesian community in which the population live in health environments, practice healthy behaviors or cultured, able to access qualified health services, equitable everywhere and attain optimal health status, will be threatened by limited budgets from government and community that are not yet sufficient until recently. The limited of resources require efforts to enhance private sectors's roles by enhancing equal partnership and mutually benefitted for both the public and private sectors which include non governmental organizations (NGO), professional organizations,and all community potentials, so that the resources could be used optimally. A research study on Partnership Profiles between IBI (Indonesian Midwives Union), IDI (Indonesian Doctors Union) to Health District and other Sectors in Magetan and Bojonegoro Regencies year 2002 has been conducted to learn how far the pattern and implementation of partnership programs are done in their regions, respectively. Secondary data research on "Non Governmental Organization Partnership Development for Community Empowerment in Health" were used. lndepth intervew was used on data collection, and the analysis was qualitative. Findings of this study showed that partnership built were not formally, it was still on meetings and temporarily joint activities. Pioneering joint activities implemented hopefully could be enanced and continued to a bigger and routine program activities for the success of Vision of Healthy Indonesia Year 2010, especially in the era Regency Autonomy in its respective region. This research recommended that in order to face the future which full of challenge on more complicated problems in the globalization and decentralization era, so partnership between IBI, IDI to health district and other sectors in magetan and Bojonegoro must be stabilized so much.




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