Risiko Perokok Terhadap Kejadian Gingivitis

Niniek L. Pratiwi • Lestari Kantiwiludjeng
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • December 1999


This study was done inorder to understand risk increasing coverage gingivitis at smokers. A crossectional study is conducted at Tambakrejo Surabaya Community Health Center. The sample of the study are patients that visit the Dental clinic of the Community Health Center, men aged between 18-45 years old and were not yet treated for scaling before. The number of sample are 191 respondents. The data analyzed by Chisquare For Trends. The result of this study showed that the risk of gingivitis among smokers increase as the quantity of cigarettes sucked per day increase. Key words: Smokers;Risk factor of Gingivitis




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