Studi Analisis Biaya Pelayanan Pengobatan Obat Tradisional Dalam Rangka Penetapan Tarif

Herti Maryani • Lestari Handayani
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • December 1999


Traditional Medicine Research Development and Service Clinic (Laboratorium P4OT) conducted outpatient traditional medicine health services. This study was done to find out the rational services tariff of outpatient services which was establish in proportion of unit cost. The unit cost of services was figured out by considering the fixed cost and variable cost. The data of subsidized and non subsidized financing during the year of 1998 was used in this study. The study found that patients spent Rp. 9,547,- in average for each visiting to pay the services including the traditional medicines to be consumed for 12 days. Three unit costs were figured out, 1) Rp. 22,151: non subsidized unit cost which was also cover non subsidized fixed and variable cost; 2) Rp. 13,392: absolute non subsidized unit cost; 3) Rp. 5,556: subsidized unit cost. The conclution is that the Laboratorium P4OT should consider the unit cost, profit and other aspect influenced across to rational tariff due to it's non subsidized budget management.




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