Hubungan antara Pola Asuh Orang Tua dengan Ketrampilan Motorik Anak PRA Sekolah

Didik Budijanto • Rachma Hasibuan • W. Dwi Astuti
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • June 1999


The growth of nucleus family, a couple (wife and husband) have to work outdoor, prosecute their role in caring their children. The pattern in caring the children changed, which the husband has to do more actively. The objective of the study was to learn the relationship between parents role in caring children with motoric creatively among pre-pupil. The population of this study was pre-pupil of Dharma Wanita II/IKIP kindergarten Surabaya. 42 children and their parents were selected by applying simple random sampling. Data was collected by observation and interview. Variables were measured from children motoric creativity, parents guidence in caring children, parents interaction, interfere of the 3 m person, the quantity of children that should be nursed. Data was analized by applying multiple logistic regression. The result shows that just the parents guidence in caring children can influence the children motoric creativity. Pattern of caring children which dominated by mother causes the decrease of children motoric creativity reaches double in comparason with care system that hasn't domination/balance (OR= 1,9286). The pattern wich dominated by father will have risk to the children motoric creativity decrease (9x) comparaed to the balance care (OR = 8,999). This condition in line with Haditono's opinion (1988) that there are many factors which most important is the system which is professed and-doneby parent in daily life. Hurlock (1973) said that, in order to build the children motoric creativity faster, needed stimulant, the main and first support received from their parents at home. Hendy Margono (1996) said that a child will be grown up better, can interac with the society easily if the care system is created together with both-father and motherĀ­ which is the couple (husband and wife) have the same positioning taking care their children.




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