Evaluasi Kegiatan Posyandu di Kabupaten Bojonegoro, Jombang, Sikka dan Cianjur

Siswanto Siswanto • Nirmala Ma'ruf
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • October 2007


Since economic crisis in 1997 there has been a slowdown of community based health services, especially 'posyandu'. The study aims to evaluate 'posyandu' activities with the approach of input, process and output. This is an evaluative study, with the design of a cross-sectional survey. Sample of regencies was selected purposively, i.e. Jombang, Bojonegoro, Sikka and Cianjur Regencies. Each regency was taken 2 health centers, and then 5 villages were selected randomly. Each village was taken 3 'posyandu' randomly as well. Data were collected by structured questionnaire, in-depth interview and Focus Group Discussion, analyzed in a descriptive way. The study has shown that the largest proportion of posyandu's chief was active household wives, with the education level of elementary, junior and senior high school. The assessment found the lack of posyandu's appliances (weighting scale, scale pants, healthy cards, SKDN graphs, medicines, and posters), the inadequacy of health center's and intersectoral personnel's commitment (supervision of 'posyandu' assigned to village midwives), the decline of five-program posyandu's activities (those routines were underfive weighting, educational food supplementation, and immunization), the 'ecline of posyandu's supporting activities ('BKB', TOGA', 'UKGMD', health fund, etc.). as well as, the low achievemen, of posyandu's targets (seen from SKDN indicators and MCH coverage). The study recommends that central and local government continue to conduct posyandu's revitalization programs, by strengthening input and process aspects for achieving a better population coverage and performance.




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