Karakteristik Konsumen Susu Formula Balita (Studi Kasus di Cibinong Kabupaten Bogor Tahun 2006)

Ratna Dewi Pangestuti • Mochamad Setyo Pramono • Adanti Handayanti
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • October 2007


Plenty of milk formula brands for children under five years which are circulating on markets in recent day, make consumers especially parents have more choices to determine which milk formula brands they will buy. Many different information and sources about knowledge of choosing milk formula, easier to get, either from health staffs, media prints and television advertising, leaflets, neighbourhood information or other mother experiences. The study aimed to determine consumer characteristics on formula milk for children under five year. It was conducted in sub-city of Bogor, Cibinong. Results showed that the majority education of respondents were high school (80%), family income was distributed almost evenly starting below Rp1,000,000 to Rp3,000,000 per month. The need of most consumers for milk formula was high for 3,000 grams and above per month and the most common brand of milk formula was 32% Dancow. Factors determining on choosing milk formula products were mostly, 32% for the contents and 25% for less expensive. 64% consumers mentioned that they had changed the milk formula brand because of some reasons, as their children under five year having digestive troubles. The children didn't want the milk anymore or to find cheap milk formula. Sources of information related to the milk formula products, the majority of consumers mentioned from televisions and relatives/friends for 30%, respectively.




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