Perbandingan Ideal Anggaran Upaya Kesehatan Masyarakat (UKM) dan Upaya Kesehatan Perorangan (Ukp) Dl Tingkat Kabupaten/kota

Siti Sundari • Hendrianto Trisno Wibowo • Erry Erry • Noor Edi Widya Sukoco • Yuyus Rusiawati 1 more
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • January 2007


The Community Health Efforts (Usaha Kesehatan Masyarakat/UKM) and Individual Health Efforts (Usaha KesehatanPerorangan/UKP) Programs were established to enhance services towards more promotive and preventive than curative and rehabilitative services. Accordingly, the budget allocated for the UKM should be more than or balanced with the UKP budget. Due to the abscence of benchmark for ideal proportion of the UKM and the UKP budget at the District/Municipal levels, the budget allocated for both efforts were highly depending on decision of local authorities and the budget allocated by the Central level. This study aimed to determine the ideal proportion of UKM and UKP budget at the Districts/Municipalities having Index Poverty Level level equal or above 34.4. This was an observational study using a retrospective design. Data were collected at 6 (six) District/Municipal Health Offices on Health Budgets allocated during year 2003-2005 and analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. Results showed that the proportions of budget allocated for the UKM and UKP were varied from 49.9%-57.2% for the UKM and 42.8%-50.1% for the UKP. Eventhough there was an increased of UKM budget which meant more services toward promotive and preventive activities, the services provided by the UKM were more towards curative than preventive functions. Furthermore, both efforts have continuum services from promotive to rehabilitative services. To conclude, the concept of UKM and UKP needs to be redesign in order to accomplish theDepartment of Health Grand Strategy for promotive and preventive services before stating the benchmark for the UKM and the UKP budget proportions.




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