Hubungan Uji Coba Penggunaan Lp-lpo dengan Kualitas Variabel Penggunaannya Dl Puskesmas

Herman, Max Joseph • Handayani, Rini Sasanti
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • January 2007


A study to determine impacts of the implementation trial of Laporan Penggunaan-Lembar Permintaan Obat (LP-LPO)(Drug-use Report and Drug-request Form) upon the quality of its variables at Puskesmas (Health Centers) had been carried out in 1998. The location of the study were in (four) Districts. Pasaman and Pasuruan Districts where implementation trial had ever, and also Agam and Malang where had never, been done. It was conducted by visiting 40 health centers selected purposively for interview, observation and to obtain the LP-LPO data from 1997/1998. Data concerning the implementation of LP-LPO on variables in the year of 1997/1998 were collected. Fisher exact lest was used to analyze the relationship between the trial of the LP-LPO implementation with quality of its variables.Results showed that at most HCs drug supplies did not meet the request. The percentages of HCs in implementing the LP-LPO on variables of planning, scheduling, record keeping, time of reporting, methods and data resources ranged from50%-80%. There were significant relationships between the implementation trial of LP-LPO with variables aboved.




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