Obat Donasi pada Beberapa Fasilitas Kesehatan di Nangroe Aceh Darusalam

Sarjaini Jamal • Tengku Zulkarnain • Edwin Edwin
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • January 2007 Indonesia


On the 26th December 2004, a big earthquake and tsunami destroyed coastal zones in the Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Province. Villages have disappeared all along the coast, especially in Aceh Besar; Aceh Jaya, and West Aceh Districts. The disaster damaged roads, devastated physical and human infrastructures, and also limited air assets posed huge challenges to early aids efforts. The transportation, telecommunication and many other public facilities including Health Centers, Drug warehouses, and Hospitals were damaged and destroyed. The tsunami killed nearly 200,000 people and about 100,000 people lost. In few days many Non Government Organizations (NGOs) and non NGOs and also foreign humanitarian organizations or from provinces of Indonesia arrived in Banda Aceh. They come as health teams completed with ambulances, drugs, foods and other medical apparatus and field clinics. At the same time, many drugs had been sent to Banda Aceh and distributed to health facilities. Then the problem was what happened about the drugs? The issues were many of the donated drugs become inappropriate, overstock, expired or not according to EDL. To anticipated the issues, on May to June 2005 a team consists of staffs from PSF-CI in coordination with the Ministry of Health, PHO and FDA of Naggoe Aceh Darussalam Province conducted an assessment to the donated drug in 28 Health Centers, 5 District drug warehouses, and 5 District Hospitals. Results showed many varies of the donated drugs were inappropriate in all the publichealth facilities, 20%-80% were overstock, more than 20 items of the drugs were expired or would be expire within 3-6 moonths. It suggests that health programmers conduct training for prescribers on pharmacologies aspects and how to usethe new and non EDL donated drugs. It should also use drug stock system, and apply the FIFO and FEFO mechanisms indrug inventory. The expired or damaged drugs must be destroyed by incenerator. In future it is suggested that the Ministry of Health compiles lists of drugs that would be donated in disasters.




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