Labelisasi Harga Obat Dalam Rangka Kompetisi Harga Obat Yang Transparan Dan Akuntabel

Martuti Budiharto
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • January 2007


The article reviewed some literatures and analyzed secondary data that aquainted with the labeling system on the maximal retail price of medicines which are transparant and accountable. Patients as consumers are not able to be familiar with commodities and services such as medicines and health services. The consumers just bought medicines cash at dispensaries and received receipts which showing prices of the medicines. They had some constrains to do so as they wereeager to recover. Hence they made efforts to get money for paying the medicines. The Government have to be obliged to save patients, that means the patients must get attainable price due to rational calculation and optimal qualified services,based on the regulatory. The Letter of Decree No. 068/MenKes/SK/II/2006 signed by the Ministry of Health explains about labeling on maximal retail prices of medicines on packaging. It is one of government efforts to serve patients to be aquainted to transparency and accountable medical prices.




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