Peran Serta Masyarakat, Lintas Sektor dan Swasta dalam Revitalisasi Posyandu (Studi Kasus di Kabupaten Karanganyar, Mojokerto dan Pasuruan)

Herti Maryani • Rukmini Rukmini • Yurika Fauzia Wardhani
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • April 2007


To conduct the revitalization of Integrated Health Service (posyandu), it is a need to consistently involve community empowerment. This study aimed to analyze the community participation, interrelated sectors and private sectors for the revitalization of posyandu that composed of leadership, organizational and contribution aspects of the posyandu. Data were collected by depth interview with questioner guides and secondary data from District Health Offices, Health Centers, and the Posyandu. Respondents were selected purposively in Karanganyar, Mojokerto and Pasuruan Regencies, at 7 (seven) Posyandu by interviewing Health Office staffs of Community Health Services (UKM), Sub Health Office CommunityEmpowerment (PM), Heads of Health Centers, midwives, and nutrition staffs of the Health Centers, cadres/Family Welfare(PKK). The interrelated sectors in Sub Districts Offices were staffs of Field Officer of Planning Family (PLKB), Field Officers of Health Education (PPL), Social Welfare, Head Section of Social Affair, and also staffs of Agriculture Office, Plantation Office and Forest Office. The Private Sectors were represented by the company staffs or company doctors. Data were analyzed descriptively. Results showed that the revitalization of posyandu, especially since the presence of posyandu revitalization fund in 2005, there were increases of some posyandus Activities, The community participation such as presence of cadres, fund collecting by "jimpitan", and providing place of the posyandu were thought to be very supporting. The participation of interrelated sectors in sub district levels such as for health education, empowering of the community and also distributing crop seeds, have been done some years but still incident or that it was usually becoming active if there were competitions. The private companies provided contributions in the forms of money, milk, eggs, place for the posyandu, or providing additional food to posyandu located nearing the companies. The revitalization of posyandu still needs some efforts as for recruiting new cadres, training the cadres routinely, adding incentive for cadres, enhancing roles the interrelated sectors, approach the private companies such by inviting them at interrelated sector meeting and efforts to collect community fund.




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