Analisis Biaya Obat untuk Penyakit Kebidanan Rawat Inap Rumah Sakit (Sebelum dan Selama Krisis)

Martuti Budiharto • Tati Suryati • Ingan Tarigan
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • July 2007 Indonesia


An explorative survey on obstetrics drug cost had been conducted in three hospitals, in Jakarta. The three hospitals were type B governmental hospital, private hospital (I) has 200 beds hospital and private hospital (II) has 170 beds respectively. Medical record data were collected. They were collected purposively, 10% of population number, started from January-May1997 (before crisis) and January-May 1998 (during crisis). The sample size both at the Governmental hospital and at the private hospital were (I) before crisis 112, and during crisis 113, at the private hospital (II) both of before and dunng crisis 75 samples respectively. Results showed that the quality of medical records in 3 hospitals selected still have not clear, complete and correct yet. Drug services profile showed that there's no significant differences between before and during crisis at the governmental hospital. It was identified that drug supplied 1- 3 items, 4-6 items and more than 7 items. Meanwhile at the private hospital (I) showed that there's significant differences, especially when drug supplied 1- 3 items increase from 31,8% before crisis, up to 53,4% during crisis. Evenly, the private hospital (II) drug supplied 1-3 items increased from 47,4% before crisis, up to 63,7% during crisis. Obstetrics drug cost for 7 item drugs supplied increased from Rp. 74.000,- (before crisis) up to Rp. 152.000,- (during crisis). Similarly at the private hospital (II) the drug cost for obstetrics cases increased by two times for 7 item drug supplied, that was Rp.198.000,- to Rp.406.000,-. There's no difference between before and during crisis for generic drug utilization even at the Governmental Hospital or private hospitals. Since drug cost of some diseases might be compared by a different period, the samples must be in a sizeable for getting a responsible value.




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