Kekerasan terhadap Perempuan dan Dampaknya Bagi Kesehatan (Analisis Data Sekunder di RS Sukanto, Jakarta dan RS Panti Rapih , YOGYAKARTA)

Ririn Habsari • Harimat Hendrawan • Martuti Budiharto
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • July 2007 Indonesia


The study aimed to describe problems which caused by violence against women (VAW,), contribution of VAW to woman'shealth status and to identify factors influencing the occurence of health probleming related with VAW It was a descriptive study using secondary data from 1 (one) crisis center hospital Sukanto Police Hospital in DKI Jakarta and 1 hospital in DI Yogyakarta (Panti Rapih Hospital). The number of eligible patient status cards were 294. The study also conducted by indepth interviews with some victims to support quantitative findings. Results in showed most of victim women who seeking health care on the 2 (two) hospitals were relatively younger. higher educated, and student. Head was the most common target but not many psychological, behavioral and chronical disturbancies had been found. Its also cited that most cases did by known persons, and most of violence happened in the house. It recommends to develop a global strategy to arise attention violences against women as a public health issue, needs to collect morbidity and mortality data due to VAW cases. Furthermore, it needs to conduct an assessment on economical impact for the country as a result of VAW cases, and to have a frame of advocacy strategy to support the development of policy instruments which concern on the victim rights. It is also important to conduct further prospective study with a better methodology.




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