Analisisis Konsep Diri Anak Usia 5-6 Tahun Di Tk Islamiyah Pontianak Tenggara

Endang Kustika Sari
Journal article Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran Untan • October 2017

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Analysis of the child's self concept is the concept of self that is as an object, referring to what one thinks of himself in the form of attitudes, feelings, perceptions and evaluation of a person to himself. And can be seen from the child's ability to show confidence, such as children can be asked to sing in front of the class, the child can dream of the ceremony and the child can to lead at the time of gymnastics. In this case researchers want to see and examine how the teacher shaping and planning self-concept learning children aged5-6 years.The purpose of this study is to describe the planning of teachers in shaping children's self-concept, the implementation of the formation given by the teacher to the self-concept of the child, the teacher's barrier in shaping the self-concept of children aged 5-6 years in Islamiyah Kindergarten of South East Pontianak. This research was conducted by using descriptive method with the approach of skin, research data presented in the form of description of words not numbers. As for the data source is the teacher who amounted to 2 people consisting of class teachers and teachers companion group BI and children of the BI group of 20 people. Data collection techniques used in this research are direct observation techniques, direct communication / interview techniques, documentary study techniques (documentation), while data collection tools include interview guides, observation guides, documentaries and field notes. From the results of research shows that the formation of self-concept of children has been going well and implemented in accordance with the RHK made. In real media learning that teachers have prepared in accordance with the theme and the development of children aged 5-6 years in the Islamiyah Kindergarten Pontianak Southeast. Based on the results of the research, there are some suggestions that are related to (1) improving the quality of teachers, (2) provision of resources, (3) teachers should pay attention to all children's behavior both inside and outside the classroom.




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