Kondisi Perusahaan Jasa Konstruksi di Kota Malang

Sudomo Tri Kuncoro
Journal article Bangunan • October 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


High risk and / or high-tech and / or high-cost construction works must be undertaken by a business entity in the form of a limited liability company (PT) or a foreign business entity. The limitation of this type of work is intended to provide protection to both parties and the public at risk of construction work. Factors that affect performance are as follows: (1) Personal factors, (2) Leadership factors, (3) Team factors, (4) System factors, and (5) Contextual / situational factors. Personal factors. Factors that support the performance of construction service companies include: personnel / human resources, financial factors, factors of work experience, and equipment factors. Factors of personnel / human resources to explain the level of education of the responsible corporate body, the level of education in charge of technical entities, the number of workers, the origin of labor and the conditions of experts employed. One company's success is not measured by its large financial size and can no longer be the sole determinant of corporate success.





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