Kinerja Campuran Hot Rolled Sheet-wearing Course (Hrs-wc) Dengan Filler Abu Ampas Tebu

Boedi Rahardjo, Nikmatul Azizah
Journal article Bangunan • October 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


The aim of this research are (a) describe the physical and mechanical characteristics of materials that arranging of HRS-WC mixture and (b) describe performance of HRS-WC mixture using bagasse ash as filler. Methode this research consist of (1) preparing material and equipment; (2) testing material as aggregate, filler, and asphalt (3) make sample test (4) Marshall Test, and (5) determine optimum asphalt containt (KAO) . The result of this research (a) course aggregates test for bulk specific gravity is 2,54 gram/cm3, SSD specific gravity is 2,57 gram/cm3, and apparent specific gravity is 2,63 gram/cm3, absorption 1,2%, and resistance to abrasion aggregate is 34,8%, meanwhile result of fine aggregates test showed thatbulk specific gravity is 2,5 gram/cm3, SSD specific gravity is2,55 gram/cm3, and apparent specific gravity is 2,61 gram/cm3, absorption 1,63%; (b) optimum asphalt content (KAO)of mixture is 7,25%; (c) Marshall Test of this mixture resulting Marshall parameters values at KAO arestability 1244,43 kg, flow 3,98 mm, Marshall Quotient (MQ) 319,22 kg/mm, Void in Mixture (VIM) 5,31%, Void in Mineral Agregate (VMA) 18,67%, and Void Filled with Bitumen (VFB) value is72,03%.





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