A Social Representation about Cultural Heritage among Youth in Kauman Semarang

Ika Zenita Ratnaningsih • Nailul Fauziah

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(English, 15 pages)


Kauman is an area in Semarang that has historical value related to the spreading of Islamic religion. The existence of Kauman could not be separated with the existence of Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) and large mosques in the region. The uniqueness of the historical side supported by the trade make the kampung Kauman area become one of potential urban tourism destinations that focused in education-religious. This study aims to provide an overview of the social representation dynamics of the kampung Kauman in Semarang as a cultural heritage that would be developed into an edu-religious tourist destination. Twenty-six youth who live or get involved in organizational activities in Kauman Semarang were the respondents of this research. Data collection was conducted through word association technique, open questionnaire and interview to inquire the response. The result of this study shows that cultural heritage is represented in categories, several forms of cultural heritage and good value. Keywords: social representation, youth, Kauman, Semarang, cultural heritage, urban tourism





International Conference on Psychology and Multiculturalism 2017

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