Geopathic Sress Line Exert an Influence on Interior Design

Liem Boen Hong
Journal article Ambiance • 2008 China • India • Japan

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


The whole human life throughout the world is surrounded and influenced by energy. The word energy is well known in many different languages. In China it is called qi, in India it is prana, Japan it is ki, Tibet it is lung and the Greek word is pneuma.Dowsing is an ancient scientific method for searching and detecting the Earth’s energy sources. Thousand years ago, experts found dowsing to be the best way of using positive energy and keeping away from negative energy. However, dowsing is not generally well-known throughout most part of the world and many people see it as a ‘mystical power ‘ or magic.Energy lines mainly emanating from radiation of underground water sources, mineral or metal under the earth surface, geographical dislocation, ley lines ,etc. This is known as geopathic stress line. The word geophatic comes from the Greek .Geo means earth and pathos means disease. This explains that the energy line will have a bad or negative influence on human beings, especially when people sleep, work. Household items like electronic equipment could also be broken if placed above the energy line.By identifying and locating the energy line in our living environment before making a plan of a house, office, or built environment, sleeping and working area could be arranged. Furniture and electronic equipment in the bed room, study room, living room and office could be located away from negative energy, thereby creating a living or built environment that is totally healthy, according to architectural interior design and in harmony with nature.






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