Hubungan Faktor Fisik-kimia Lingkungan dengan Keanekaragaman Echinodermata pada Daerah Pasang Surut Pantai Kairatu

Dominggus Rumahlatu • Abdul Gofhur • Hedi Sutomo
Journal article MIPA dan Pembelajarannya • 2008

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The use of the sea resources is not balance with the conservation of sea environment. These effects can decrease the quality of sea resources. One of the sea resources is echinoderms. This sea resource decreased because all the mollucans catch them without considering their age and size (over fishing). Therefore, it is important to conduct future research to see the condition of echinoderms in order to survive its communities. The study found that the environmental physico-chemical conditions in Kairatu sea was highest. The average of temperature was found between 31.57-33.01 oC, the salinity average was between 32.94-33.94% and the pH was between 7.70-7.99. Echinoderms found in these areas were 12 and the areas were 3 classes, 6 orders, 6 families, and 9 genera, with the totals of 498 individuals were found in Kairatu village. The general diversity index at the area was 2.049. While the regression analysis found that there was significant relationship between environmental physico­chemical factors with the diversity index for these 6 types.




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