Levels Of Formality In Obama's Interview And Sby's Interview

Br Karo, Seftyani Fransiska • I. Wayan Dirgayasa Tangkas

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(English, 14 pages)


This study was intended to describe levels of formality used by Obama and SBY in their interviews. This study was carried out with descriptive research. The data were collected with documentary technique and the instrument used was documentary sheet. The data were analyzed by descriptive comparative. The result of the research show that Obama tends to use Casual level (44,78%), Formal (29,05%), Consultative (26%), and Intimate (0,17%) while SBY tends to use Formal level (49,20%), Frozen (3,16%), Consultative (34%) and Casual (13,83%). So, in speaking Obama is more friendly because sometimes he did a joke and laugh while SBY is more serious to answer or to response the interviewer's questions. It is hoped that the result of this study is useful to everyone who wants to study about levels of formality.




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