Analysis of Workplace Ergonomics on Employee Performance in PT. Bni (Persero) Tbk. Main Branch Office Manado

Isra Manggo


As the worldwide business competition gets tougher every year, companies have to compound their strategies in keeping their best talents within the organization. One of the essential keys in keeping their best employees is through the consideration of ergonomic aspects for the office design. One of the advantages of following ergonomic workplace is that it aids to minimize the harmful effects of carelessness, damage to equipment, or even injury to death to employees. The main objectives of the study are to determine the impact of workplace ergonomics on employee performance and to identify the most influential variable on employee performance. This research is a quantitative research. The governmental bank, PT. BNI (Persero) Tbk. main branch office Manado has been chosen as the population for the research with 100 employees in total. The study took 75 employees as the sample. Results reveal that all variables have simultaneous impact on employee performance but not partially because color and natural air quality have insignificant results, while lighting is the most influential factor among the variables. This study suggests to the company to pay more attention towards color and natural air quality consideration to enhance employee performance in a better way. Keywords: office design, ergonomic, workplace, performance




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