Peluang dan Tantangan Pemanfaatan Frekuensi Ka-Band untuk Sistem Komunikasi Satelit

Wirianto Pradono
Journal article Bulletin of Postage and Telecommunications • December 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


Data traffic growth is much higher than that of voice traffic. Cisco predicts that mobile data traffic in Indonesia will grow 8- fold from 2016 to 2021. Broadband technology becomes appropriate solution to cope with data traffic growth and to keep quality of service optimal. Considering that terrain profile of rural areas in Indonesia is hard for terestrial system to be deployed, satellite technology is urgently required to deploy broadband services in rural areas. Due to its higher bandwidth capacity, Ka-band satellite is one of key technologies to enable broadband service penetration in rural area. This study aims to identify opportunities and challenges Indonesia will encounter when deploying Ka-band satellite system. Research results show that Ka-band satellite is capable to facilitate telecommunication services requiring high bandwidth. Satellite service users also vary, spanning from industries, government agencies, and consumers. Regardless superiorities Ka-band satellite offers, there are still some challenges to address. Those challenges are vulnerability of Ka-band frequency due to rain attenuation and lack of Ka-band filing owned by Indonesia with status approved by International Telecommunication Union (ITU). There are currently 45 Ka-band filing located on Indonesia outer space and none of them is registered to Indonesia administration.




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