Modification of Calgary-Cambridge Observation Guide, a More Simplified and Practical Guide for Daily Consultation Practice

Herqutanto Herqutanto
Journal article Health Science Journal of Indonesia • 2017

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(English, 7 pages)


Background: The Calgary-Cambridge Observation Guides (CCOG) is a guide that is widely used to assess Doctor-Patient Communication. The guide consists of 56 points divided into 6 categories that describe a routine consultation process, plus 15 optional points in giving explanation and planning. Due to its quite numerous points, it is quite impractical to use the guide in daily consultation practice. Therefore, a more simplified and more practical version would be favourable. Method: Six experts from different background evaluated and analysed the 56 points of CCOG based on the level of importance in daily practice. Two rounds of Delphy were used. The result of the two rounds was then recirculated to obtain confirmation of the final modified version of CCOG. Result and Discussion: A final modified version of CCOG consisting of 35 points was formed. The first step of a consultation process, Initiating the session consists of 5 points (originally 7 points). Gathering information step consists of 5 points (originally 11 points), Providing structure of 3 points (originally 4 points), Building relationship of 7 points (originally 10 points), Explanation and Planning of 11 points (originally 20 points), and Closing the Session consisting of 4 points. The modified CCOG version is still comprehensive, yet more practical for daily practice. Conclusion: Modified version of CCOG can be used as a simple, practical guide to assess Doctor Patient Communication in daily consultation practice.




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