Situasi Filariasis Setelah Pengobatan Massal Tahun Ketiga di Kabupaten Mamuju Utara

Made Agus Nurjana • Sitti Chadijah • Ni Nyoman Veridiana • Octaviani Octaviani • Hayani Anastasia 3 more
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Mass Drug Administration (MDA) of lymphatic filariasis has been carried out for three years in North of Mamuju District. However, achievement of efficacy of this programme was unknown. The implementation of mass treatment to filariasis have been conducted for three years in the District of North Mamuju, but achievement of efficacy of this activity were not known yet. To determine the change of filarial situation as well as knowledge, attitude and behavior of the people to filariasis, after three years mass drug treatment, studies were conducted in March-November 2015, the activities were to collect mass blood fingerprick and interview to the local community. The blood fingerprick was conducted to two selected villages do to age 5 years up old (≥ 5 years), and interviewed was conducted to thirty selected villages do to age 15 years up old (≥ 15 years). The results showed that microfilaria rate in North Mamuju district was 1,39%, and the species was Brugiamalayi. Interviewed to 1,586 respondents indicated that knowledge of filariasis disease and the mass treatment it self were low, similary with the behavior related prevention to drug consumption. On the other hand their behave to prevention, control and filariasis treatment were positif. Microfilaria rate was still higher than 1%, as well as knowledge, attitude and behavior related to prevention and mass drug consumption were particularly still low, those indicated that after three years of mass drug treatment implementation the result did not showed as excpected. It suggested that mass drug implementation in North Mamuju need to be continued until five years,with right procedures and seriously monitoring to the area with chronic and microfilaria positive cases.




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