Studi Efikasi dan Perilaku Masyarakat dalam Penggunaan Kelambu Berinsektisida di Desa Sungai Nyamuk, Pulau Sebatik, Kalimantan Utara

Sugiarto Sugiarto • Upik Kesumawati Hadi • Susi Soviana • Lukman Hakim
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


In an attempt to eliminate malaria, government tries to control the vector of the disease through the distribution of Long Lasting Insecticide nets. In the process of use, users of this type of mosquito net need to do maintenance to ensure its effectiveness. This study aim to analyze the effectiveness of insecticide treated mosquito net against Anopheles sp. and knowing the knowledge, attitude, behavior of the community on the use and maintenance of the LLiNs. The research was conducted in Sungai Nyamuk Village, Sebatik Sub-district, Nunukan District, North Kalimantan with cross-sectional design. Data on the effectiveness of mosquito nets were obtained by performing Bioassay Cone Test (efficacy test) on insecticide and non-insecticide treated nets in households that have been using mosquito nets for more than 6 months. The community's Knowledge, Attitude, and Practise data were obtained by interviewing selected respondents using questionnaires. Processing and data analysing was done univariat and bivariat. The results showed that the most effective mosquito insecticide was the mosquito net that had been used for 6 months. The bed nets that had been used for 12-24 months had started to be less effective. All respondents (100%) agreed with the distribution of insecticide nets, but only 87% said they were willing to use it. All respondents (100%) did the installation of mosquito nets correctly, and had never washed the mosquito net. Can be concluded that insecticidal nets that have been used for more than 12 months have begun to be ineffective in controlling the vector of Anopheles sp. mosquito. Almost all respondents did not treat/wash the insecticide treated mosquito nets. In order to eliminate malaria in Sungai Nyamuk village there need to be an increase of active community participation (netting treatment) in the effort of vector control (Anopheles sp.).




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