Pengembangan Media Poster sebagai Alat Bantu Edukasi Gizi pada Remaja Terkait Keluarga Sadar Gizi (Kadarzi) (Poster Media Development AS Nutrition Education Tool For Adolescents Related On Family Nutritional Awareness)

Hermina Hermina • Sri Prihatini
Journal article Nutrition and Food Research • 2016 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Study on family nutritional awareness (Kadarzi) of phase I showed that the knowledge, attitudes and behavior of nutrition in the community were still low. Study on Kadarzi of phase II focused on the development of nutrition education materials. This study was to develop media and nutrition education strategies in order to achieve Kadarzi. The study design was cross-sectional, with qualitative methods. The study was conducted in three provinces: West Java, West Sumatra and East Kalimantan. Samples consisted of two groups, namely sample for media feasibility test (n=98) and sample for implementation of educational test (n=296). Educational channel used was formal education. Type of educational media developed was posters. This study had developed 5 posters with the materials: 1) fruits and vegetables, 2) breakfast, 3) ) weighing to adolescents 13-15 years old (SMP), 4) weighing to adolescents 16-18 years old (SMA) and 5) adolescent anemia. The result showed there was an increase on nutrition knowledge as much as 78,25 percents, after being given nutrition education and a desire to assess an adolescents own nutritional status by weighing and measuring her height. Media nutrition education which was developed was quite simple and easy to understand. The channel education selected was quite effective to improve nutrition knowledge.




Nutrition and Food Research

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