Gaya Komunikasi Masyarakat Pesisir Wedung Jawa Tengah

Mahfudlah Fajrie
Journal article Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication • 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 24 pages)


The coastal communities put human on equality. Therefore, Wedung district community has its own communication style in delivering opinions and social interaction interpersonally. This article is the result of field research study with an ethnographic approach and analysis of cultural themes. The aim is to determine the communication style of coastal communities when communicating with outside communities of coastal areas and tourists. The results show that the communication style of coastal communities in communicating with other people and the community outside of coastal areas is the equalitarian and the relinguishing styles. It means that the coastal communities have the nature of open communication and receptive to suggestions and opinions of others.




Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication

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