Islam Nusantara: sebuah Argumentasi Beragama dalam Bingkai Kultural

Hanum Jazimah Puji Astuti
Journal article Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication • 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 26 pages)


The emergence of Islam Nusantara is the typical of Indonesia, where Islam Nusantara is declared as a universal religion, manifested in its teachings including religious law (fiqh), trust (faith), and the ethical (the moral). Although Islam Nusantara gives a new ambience in Islam by assimilating a culture into religion, this method is not contagious to the purity of Islamic teachings by taking Quran and Hadith as the guidances and directions in the Indonesian social life. Islam teaches mutual respect and reciprocal tolerance. This religion teaches the adherents to love others, to mercy and nurture regardless of race, nationality, and social structure. This is in line with the Indonesian Islam commonly called ‘Islam Nusantara'. It can be said that someone who lived in the religion, including people that comprehend the religion intrinsically, occupies religion as a guide of life, applies and practices based on the belief. At the social level, religious values serve as the basis for adopting a life policy.




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