The Influence of Appreciation and Recognition, Career Promotion, Training & Development Towards the Civil Servants€™ Performance in Depertment of Agriculture in Minahasa

Patricia Renatte Tengker


Human resource is very crucial in order to achieve the organizational goals. It is an indispensable factor to every organization, including government agencies, corporations, and also social enterprises. In government institution, the performance of civil servant plays a vital role in creating the good government for the society. This research is designed because of there are several situations or effects happened caused by performance of civil servant. The original purpose of this research is to analyze the non-financial incentives method focuses on appreciation & recognition, career promotion and training & development towards the civil servants€™ performance. This research is a quantitative research that associative with multiple linear regression analysis technique. The population in this research is the civil servant who works in Department of Agriculture in Minahasa, whereas 50 civil servants were conducted as the sample of respondent in this research. The result of this research shows that there is significant simultaneous and partial influence of Appreciation & Recognition, Career Promotion and Training & Development in Department of Agriculture in Minahasa. Therefore, to enhance the performance of the civil servant in Department of Agriculture in Minahasa these three factors should be considered intensively by the government. Keywords: non-financial incentives, civil servant performance




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