Analisa Sistem Pentanahan Elektrode Rod dengan Biaya Energi yang Ekonomis

Nurhabibah Naibaho
Journal article Ikraith Teknologi • November 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Electrical energy is an energy that has become a staple of every society, and the need for electricity it self isgetting bigger and the cost is also high better. The impact of energy consumption is big enough then lead to acrisis on electrical energy. Thus one way to reduce the energy crisis is to make energy savings of electricity. Theproblems that there are problems incurred by customers as the basic electricity tariff increases. The purpose ofthis study to find a solution how to reduce electric bill kWh. In the test socket with the ROD Electrode for 2hours/kWh are 1.5 read calculation kWh meters while testing the outlet without ROD Electrode for 2 hours/kWhare 2.2 read calculation kWh meters. Within one day twelfth hours then 1.5x12 hours = 18 kWh and 2.2x12 hours= 26.4 kWh. In The one kWh assumed price of Rp300.00,- in the 2200 VA then the result multiplied by one month,then the results of these calculations show different results, the outlet using the ROD Electrode into the outletwithout using ROD Electrode with a price difference of Rp75600.00,- in one months. So the use of socket withRods Electrode can save or lower the cost of electricity bills, and at the same time can also be a safety.




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