Dissociative Identity Disorder Of Main Character In Sybil Novel By Flora R. S Based On Psychological Perspective

Rizky Mirani
Journal article Progressive • February 2016

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(English, 10 pages)


Sybil novel tells about woman that has sixteen personalities. This novel is very interesting because there is a psychology aspect in this novel. The writer intends to find out the characterization of the sixteen personalities and psychological problems in that novel, in this case, dissociative identity disorder. The writer wants to know about the symptom, the causes, and the treatment of dissociative identity disorder that found in Sybil novel. In finding the analysis of this paper the writer uses descriptive method and library research. The writer found that the author of the novel, Flora, uses both direct and indirect characterization to reveal the characterization of each character in the novel. The characterization can be seen from the character's word, character's thought, and the author's narration. Sybil as the main character suffers from dissociative identity disorder because she got physical and sexual abuse from his mother and she has no one to share and solve her problems. It forces her to get another solution by making other personalities to share her problems. Suffering dissociative identity disorder makes her losing her time. She does not know what she has done and what she told about until she meet with Dr. Wilbur, the psychiatrist who give her psychotherapy to bend all her personalities.





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