Symbols, Metaphors And Personifications In Owl City's Song Lyrics Based On Psychological Perspective

Krisna Tankaruba
Journal article Progressive • February 2016

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(English, 10 pages)


Music and song have become a part of people's lifestyle that cannot be separated. Song is a combination of words composition, that has meanings and arranged beautifully, and melody. Personality of a songwriter can be seen in his or her song. The purpose of this thesis is to analyze personality of Owl City through the elements such as symbols, metaphors, and personifications in his songs. The writer uses qualitative descriptive method to collect data and references that related to the topic. Some symbols, metaphors, and personifications are found in two song lyrics of Owl City. One symbol in Fireflies song is “fireflies”, which symbolize inspiration. “Misty eyes” in Fireflies lyric is categorized as metaphor. In second song, Vanilla Twilight, the writer found three personifications, one of those is “The stars lean down to kiss you.” Based on psychology perspective, each elements shows the personality of songwriter.





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